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BOOK REVIEW: Stock Trader’s Almanac

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I enjoy occasionally browsing through Jeffrey Hirsch’s Stock Trader’s Almanac because he looks through market data to find seasonal patterns in stock and commodity performance.  The book is presented in a calendar format and reviews the performance of various indices on different days of the month throughout the year.  The effect of the presidential election cycle on market performance is also investigated.  Helpful information is noted on the calendar, including Fed meeting dates, option expiration, and so on.  Entertaining quotes from well-know investors, business leaders, and politicians are sprinkled throughout the calendar.

I’m not a trader and I wouldn’t trade or invest solely on this information.  But I do think this information helps investors understand some of the cyclical undercurrents affecting market performance throughout the year.

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Boomers, Markets & Money is a down-to-earth discussion of financial and lifestyle information

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