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Tightwad Tips: A Good List of Food Money-Saving Ideas

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My go-to nutritionist, with masters degrees in both nutrition and public health as well as decades of work experience, answers all my nutrition questions cheerfully.  Even better, Lisa is my sister-in-law , so the price is right!

I asked Lisa if she had any suggestions for money-savings tips for healthy eating.  Lisa “sniffed around” for us, as she said, and came up with a great article.  Money Talk News’ “30 Tips to Save on Food” has many useful suggestions.

No doubt you will already use some of these strategies, but I learned a few things.  Three helpful tips I picked up:

  • The suggestion to use up all your leftovers may seem obvious but I liked the suggestion of the Big Oven app.  It has a clever feature where you put in three ingredients you have in your refrigerator and it comes up with recipe ideas. Click on the Recipe Tab, click on Use up Leftovers!  I typed in carrots, bell pepper, and ground turkey.  Up popped 19 recipes.  I’m going to bookmark this site.  BigOven
  • Author Angela Colley advised substituting cheaper ingredients in recipes for expensive ones.  She noted that Cook’s Thesaurus has a list of food substitutions.  The Cook’s Thesaurus
  • Since we’re discussing food, I’ve included some photographs of a food market we visited in Peru this fall.  Of course, once I got started, I had to slip in a few other pictures.  I hope you enjoy!

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Boomers, Markets & Money is a down-to-earth discussion of financial and lifestyle information

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