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A Down-to-Earth Discussion of Financial and Lifestyle Information for Baby Boomers


The purpose of this blog is not to give specific investment advice but to help individuals continue their own financial self-education.  Defined benefit pensions are going the way of the dinosaur.  World economies seem to cycle through booms and busts with increasing frequency.

As a result, those of us born after World War II are being forced to educate ourselves about investments and the global economy. I have to admit, though, I really do find the many intertwining influences on investments and the economy fascinating, and sometimes, even fun. So, my aim is to gather useful information with the help of readers.  I hope you will find this helpful in making your own decisions and in discussions with financial advisors.

15 thoughts on “PURPOSE

  1. Great tips. I’m looking for every nickel I can shave off expenses- “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

  2. Great concept for a blog! Hope to learn something

  3. Helen: Enjoyed your book review. I am interested in seeing what direction you will be heading with this. I wish you success!
    Dennis Callanan—-not Callahan!

  4. Very readable great blog. Ruth

    I wonder whether you have any suggestions about where to get the best CD rates?

    • Hi Ruth,
      Thank you for the comment and question. When I want to check CD rates, I look at You can search for national and local rates for CDs and Money Market accounts. After you click the search button, you will see a listing of banks and CD rates. Take a look at the number of stars Bank Rate gives the institution. Click on the stars under the bank name and a page will pop up explaining the site’s rating system. I think that’s a good place to start your research. Helen

  5. Thanks for your helpful CD information.
    I also found your Senate registry very useful, since I want to send my support for gun regulations.

    • Hi Ruth,

      I’m glad you found the information helpful. If anyone is interested in contacting U.S. Senators and Representatives for any reason, email links can be found at the end of the book review for Exile on Wall Street.

  6. Helen:
    Thanks for the CD info but with rates so low, what do you suggest we do with extra cash that years ago we would have put in CD’s? I am wondering about cash that I wouldn’t need for 3 to 5 years.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Marty,

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You are struggling, like the rest of us, with the effects of the financial repression the Fed is using to deal with the hangover from the credit bubble. Unfortunately, responsible savers are paying for the folly of the reckless.

      I can’t give you specific advice but I can direct you to an article I found very helpful. Take a look at Barry Ritholtz’s article “Desperate for yield? Review the basics of investing in bonds”. It was in The Washington Post on Sunday, July 22, 2012. Good luck!


  7. Helen

    I commend you on the start of your blog – I notice that the content continues to evolve and you are telling a meaningful, inspirational and informative story that provides important “food for thought” – keep up the good work!


    • Hi Bill,

      Thank you for your encouragement. I think that Baby Boomers, as well as people of any age, face financial challenges. But I think we all want to use our time in interesting and meaningful ways as well. Hopefully, readers can share their own experiences so that we can learn from each other.


  8. I just came across this blog, while reading the comments to a Dealbook article in the NYT – it’s a great service to boomers to have the information that you’re writing about, especially the links to articles, estimators, etc.

    Could you address the problem of debt that many boomers now face, often unexpectedly, as a result of the recession? Many heretofore solvent and credit-worthy boomers have experienced unemployment and underemployment, or worse. This has eaten up resources planned for retirement and it makes for a very unsettled future. If you had practical information to offer beyond the usual doom-and-gloom articles and scare statistics that are easy to find, it would be most helpful to me and many of my friends who, once responsible professionals, now face limited options and uncertainty.

    Thanks for the great contribution of this blog.

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